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The Premise

“The history of philosophy is to a great extent that of a certain clash of human temperaments. Undignified as such a treatment may seem to some of my colleagues, I shall have to take account of this clash and explain … Continue reading

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The Revolution of Corrective Counseling

[Editor: This is one of the last pieces of my father’s writings] [Editor: HyperLinks added] [Pillars of Madness] This revolution revealed to those who cared to look that every successful method of corrective counseling owed its success, not to the factor … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Your Kids Aren't Sick:
The Judge Rotenberg Center  Artist: Kim Noble  The JRC Have you ever heard of the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC)?  Probably not.  They are, well, infamous to most of us in the profession.…

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ABILITY: Safeguarding Roles and Distracting Rituals

The above is a frame of coordinates with column factors that intersect with row factors resulting in INTERSECTION variants.  Each variant is unique. Thus, consider intersection 1A, Diplomatic Preempting. Note how different it is from, say, intersection 4A, Diplomatic Accommodating, … Continue reading

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Mad Words

MAD WORDS When someone acquires a ritual of using certain words in ways that do not make sense, or acquires a ritual of using certain tools in ways that are counter-productive, witnesses regard such rituals as madness. They wonder if … Continue reading

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Disable Madman: Part III

Disable Madman Part III Chlorpromazine Chlorpromazine was synthesized on December 1950, the first drug claimed to have specific effects on madness, and would serve as the prototype for the phenothiazine class of drugs, which later grew to comprise several other … Continue reading

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Disable Madman: Part II

Disable Madman Part II The European Reform In 1793 Philippe Pinel took charge of the Salpetriere and Becetre asylums in Paris, the turning point of method in the management of inmates. Pinel found that if inmates were not neglected and … Continue reading

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