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Productive Ability

The four kinds of ability are not equally distributed. Half of the population, fifty percent, are Guardians, born with logistical ability, Forty percent of the population are Artisans, born with tactical ability. That leaves a mere ten percent for the … Continue reading

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ABILITY: Safeguarding Roles and Distracting Rituals

The above is a frame of coordinates with column factors that intersect with row factors resulting in INTERSECTION variants.  Each variant is unique. Thus, consider intersection 1A, Diplomatic Preempting. Note how different it is from, say, intersection 4A, Diplomatic Accommodating, … Continue reading

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Productive and Defensive Interaction and Ability

Productive and Defensive Interaction and Ability Some are more able to comply with norms than adapt to circumstances, others more able to adapt to circumstances than comply with norms. Some are more able to interact proactively with others, others more … Continue reading

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