Drugged Obedience

Drugged Obedience

Your Kids Aren't Sick

We are addicted to our chemicals, you and me, and that’s a problem.  Not just for you or me.  It’s a problem for our kids.  Equipped from birth to imitate us, what do we show them?

Got a headache?  Grab an aspirin or an ibuprofen, or something else for pain.  We have many choices.  Seems harmless enough.  And it is – most of the time.  After all, they sell “baby aspirins” for babies.  They seem to work too, if given properly, and not too much.  Makes sense.  A headache isn’t, really, behavior.  The chemical we take works on our physical body, right?

Sometimes, though, when we’re too tense, or there’s too much stress in our life at the moment, a headache – or a backache, or a soreness somewhere else in your body – can occur.  We say it’s “stress-related.”  That’s what our doctors, friends and family members will tell…

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About David Keirsey

Dr. David Mark Keirsey (Architect Rational - INTP) is a Computer Scientist who had been helping his father, Dr. David West Keirsey, an internationally known psychologist, with his Temperament Theory for over forty years. Creating the website Keirsey.com, David Mark began to collect famous and infamous examples of the Four Temperaments. Observing individuals for many years, Dr. Keirsey has written about the Temperaments based on his detailed study and analysis. His interests include Science, Complexity Science, Formatics, and the Future of the world. http://edgeoforder.org/
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One Response to Drugged Obedience

  1. omalone1 says:

    I also appreciate the work of Dr Breggin who also debunks this trend.

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