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Your Kids Aren't Sick

You may wonder why I do this.

Well, first, I’m a child advocate. There are millions of us, so I don’t claim special recognition. I suspect you are too.

Thirty years ago, however, when I became the Director for a new CASA program, a prudent judge taught me an advocate (a guardian ad litem in court) speaks not for children and their rights – many others do that – and instead an advocate speaks the words children would speak, if they could speak for themselves. Those are distinctly different perspectives. So, from their perspective, in their voice, our children would like to speak to us, to ask this question:

“Why do you give us so many chemicals for what seems to us to be regular ‘growin’-up’ behaviors? We’d like an explanation.


Worrisome “mental health issues,” and other such dreadful terms, provides adults with what appears to be a thoughtful…

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About Keirsey

Dr. David Mark Keirsey is a scientist that is interested in how and why the world works. The first half of his professional career was as a Computer Scientist, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Notably, he was part of a team who created the software for the first operation of an autonomous cross-country robotic vehicle. In the current latter part of his career, he has broaden his interest to include all of science, mathematics, computation, and the history and future of the world. His plan is to write at least three books, two of which are tentatively called Mathematics Itself and Existence Itself. The third is a book on Leadership. Currently he is part of a web-based company, to develop interactive team and human personality tools based on his father's best-selling work on human temperament. He is a Architect Rational in temperament.
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