Productive and Defensive Interaction and Ability

Productive and Defensive
Interaction and Ability

Some are more able to comply with norms than adapt to circumstances, others more able to adapt to circumstances than comply with norms. Some are more able to interact proactively with others, others more able to interact responsively with others. Proactive compliance differs extremely from responsive adaptation, just as responsive compliance differs extremely from proactive adaptation. Finally, proactive preempting differs from proactive contending, and responsive collaborating differs from responsive accommodating, just as diplomatic ability differs from logistical ability and tactical ability differs from strategic ability.

About Keirsey

Dr. David Mark Keirsey is a scientist that is interested in how and why the world works. The first half of his professional career was as a Computer Scientist, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Notably, he was part of a team who created the software for the first operation of an autonomous cross-country robotic vehicle. In the current latter part of his career, he has broaden his interest to include all of science, mathematics, computation, and the history and future of the world. His plan is to write at least three books, two of which are tentatively called Mathematics Itself and Existence Itself. The third is a book on Leadership. Currently he is part of a web-based company, to develop interactive team and human personality tools based on his father's best-selling work on human temperament. He is a Architect Rational in temperament.
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5 Responses to Productive and Defensive Interaction and Ability

  1. Pam says:

    This is incredibly fascinating. (As she goes scurrying for her dictionary, new words).
    That is a lifetime power of research, simply awesome. Exciting. Everything.

    Thanks so much.

  2. Brian S. says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Christina says:

    Great post! I just realized it coincides with the temperment types i.e. supervisor guardian, performer artisan. So this is fascinating!

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